Sunday, March 16, 2014

Maria Shriver Misses the Meaning of Women Empowerment

Whether you live in the United States, Canada or anywhere else in the world, alarmingly high poverty statistics, including the rise in the number of working poor, have one thing in common; women.

Maria Shriver's poverty article titled "The Female Face of Poverty" which first appeared on the Atlantic's website January 08, 2014, is based on research conducted for the Shriver Report. The article provides the statistics about women in the workplace, gender inequality, equal pay and rights for women plus discrimination against women.

Maria shares an opinion related to her findings and I quote "Everywhere they look, every magazine cover and talk show and website tells them that women are supposed to be feeling more "empowered" than ever, but they don't feel empowered. They feel exhausted". Yet later she talks about how powerful women are!

I applaud this article but Maria Shriver clearly misses the meaning of women empowerment. Empowerment means to take back power, be the authority, the leader and take decisive action to move toward success. Maybe the War on Poverty did not work because it focused on poverty instead of focusing on empowerment.

What you focus on expands! Regardless of your current circumstance, you can choose what you focus on. Focus on poverty, you get more opportunity to experience what poverty has to offer. Focus on empowerment, you get more opportunity to experience what empowerment has to offer.

Women empowerment gives you permission to be powerful. Not the male definition of powerful but the feminine definition. Women are resilient, flexible and have an incredible amount of inner strength.

Women empowerment gives you permission to be the authority in your life. Not the male definition of authority but the feminine definition. Women are not aggressive by nature by nature but can lead with encouraging words and motivation that inspires everyone to be their best. That is authority that leads with integrity.

Women empowerment gives you permission to take decisive action that moves you toward success. Not the male definition of action but the feminine definition. Women have to feel right about decisions and once they do, they can trust themselves to take action.

Let's celebrate International Women's Day every day. If you are a woman entrepreneur, a woman in the business world, a professional woman, a working woman, a woman in transition or a single mom, discover the benefits of living an empowered life.

When you are living an empowered life, you are confident. You trust your voice and allow it to be heard without fear. You rejoice in being a woman and you allow your true feminine nature to guide you toward balanced success. You make decisions that are right for you. Are you ready to get empowered?

Womanly Wealth empowers women to succeed in their life, career or business. Challenge yourself to be your best! The Free 60 Day Women Empowerment Challenge will inspire, educate and motivate you to improve every area of your life.

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